Our partners in boating safety

Marine safety is a partnership and a shared responsibility.
Boating safety depends on a strong partnership between the boating community and a range of emergency services and other maritime agencies, including:

The boating community provides generous funding support to MRNSW to help improve boating safety through a levy on boat licenses and registrations. Individual boaters work with MRNSW by Logging On and Off, carrying the right safety equipment and following good boating safety practice.
Marine Rescue NSW works closely with the NSW Police Force Marine Area Command, which is responsible for coordinating marine search and rescue, tasking Marine Rescue NSW units to respond to emergencies and other incidents on the water. MAC’s responsibility also includes crime prevention and detection, with vessels and personnel strategically located at important commercial and leisure ports.
The NSW Government provides Marine Rescue NSW with a direct annual grant that – along with the levy from boating licences and registrations – helps fund our vital services. NSW Roads and Maritime Services is the Government agency responsible for issuing boat licences, registering boats and setting policy and regulations, particularly for safety on the water through programs such as Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade. RMS collects the levy from boat licences and registrations which is then directed to Marine Rescue NSW.

The State Rescue Board of NSW ensures effective and co-ordinated rescue services throughout the State, advises the Government on search and rescue legislation, policy and funding, liaises with Federal and other State organisations and conducts joint training exercises.


The Australian Maritime Safety Authority co-ordinates Australian safety regulation and services to ensure consistency with international standards and controls safety in national waters.

The Boating Industry Association of NSW offers a 50 Point Safety Check that means your boat is serviced by a qualified member of the Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association. A well maintained boat will help you avoid many common problems that can lead to a breakdown and serious emergency. The BIA stages the annual Sydney Trailer Boat Show and the Sydney International Boat Show. MRNSW attends these shows to spread our boating safety message.

Marine Rescue NSW’s partners and supporters include:

  • Suzuki Marine, our preferred supplier of outboard motors for the MRNSW rescue fleet under the two-year Power of Choice agreement.
  • Raymarine, supplier of our state-of-the-art onboard navigation and electronics and training navigation simulators.
  • Reel Action TV, which helps deliver our boating safety message to the audience of this popular Network Ten One HD fishing show.
  • BCF, which helps raise funds for MRNSW in its NSW stores.
  • Hewlett-Packard and Pivot Maritime International, supporting the roll-out of our training programs and equipment.
  • Our Soundings advertisers, the suppliers and supporters who support our members’ work to save lives on the water through our official quarterly magazine.
  • Other emergency services, including the NSW Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service, Fire and Rescue NSW, Ambulance Service NSW and the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association, with whom we work in emergency response.
  • Funding providers, including the NSW and Commonwealth governments, local councils, Clubs NSW and other corporations that provide


Marine Rescue NSW is also a member of the International Maritime Rescue Federation, a collective of rescue services committed to preventing loss of life on the world’s waters.


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